Established 11 September 2012, United Global Group, Inc. is a dynamic enterprise with the singular ability to matrix technical products and expertise, qualified personnel, and innovative processes into integrated client solutions.

Service Areas

We serve a broad range of companies and organizations, including commercial and government agencies across multiple markets and geographies. Through strategic partnerships, we are able to extend our reach to more than 35 domestic and international locations.

Our service areas include:

Subject-matter Expertise

UGG provides technology-based solutions and subject-matter expertise improving enterprise data, information and knowledge management. As industry thought leaders specializing in systems design, we package and deliver proven, cost-effective, “turn-key” technologies and products, ready for immediate integration.

In a second dimension of our service offerings, UGG supplies sustainable and ecologically responsible agricultural, architectural and engineering skills to support international development, industrial assembly and installation, and facilities management.

Our specializations include:

Our mission is to deliver ENDURING and SUSTAINABLE VALUE worldwide to our clients and strategic partners...

Project History

Proven Experience, with a Global Reach

UGG executes tasks from cradle to grave. We understand the importance of our client’s time and the need for tasks to be executed in a timely manner. Collectively, we will ensure that there is progress within the organization towards significant milestones. From administrative assistance, scheduling, cost evaluation and contract awareness the success of our projects are performed with a great amount of accomplishment.

Past and Current Projects:


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