Larry Paige II

Larry G. Paige II is the CEO for United Global Group Inc (UGG). He is a retired United States Marine Corps officer and possesses a thorough background in Department of Defense Logistics and Analytics. During his duties as a Marine Corps officer, the Commandant of the Marine Corps named him “Marine Corps Logistics Officers of the Year”, and he received the Lt. Gen. Gary S. McKissock Supply Chain Innovation Award from USMC Material Command. He is an expert in Logistics Modernization, Expeditionary Logistics, and advanced analytic solutions utilizing proven technological solutions. Prior to establishing UGG, Mr. Paige served at OPNAV N1 as the senior civilian responsible for resource programming over the Future Year Defense budget. He provided direct oversight and management of OPNAV N1 training policies and training requirements. He possesses several advanced degrees and certifications that include a BA […]