Data Science for Context-based User Privacy

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In a world of rapid technological change, both the miniaturization and the growing distribution of inexpensive sensing/computing technologies presents a worrisome condition whereby technologies disseminate user information with greater stealth, in greater volume, often without the permission or the awareness of the user.  Now, machine learning partners with the user to advance intuitive mobile permission-ing based on expected user preferences across a variety of contexts.

A Bayesian and a Frequentist Walk Into A Bar: The Philosophical Basis of Statistical Misuse

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Over the past decade, researchers are lending an increasing amount of attention to the problems arising from the misuse of statistical methods to a variety of applications.  An examination of the widespread mis-application of statistics across academic disciplines provides valuable information for the emerging class of data analysts. By examining these common hurdles, data analysts not only perfect their analytic craft through conscious and appropriate application of statistical techniques across a variety of problems, they contribute to an increased discernment among non-technical consumers of the oft-misinterpreted statistical insights.  Especially given the abundance of statistical technologies, this increased discernment is a vital measure to reducing the various harms that emanate from misapplied methods and misinterpreted outcomes. The Problem of Statistics? Across applications of surgical research, psychotherapy research, and even litigation, the elementary application of statistical techniques falls prey to a ubiquitous […]

Game Theory Applications in Data Science

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Emerging over the past century, the theory of strategic games has found increasing relevance across the fields of economics, political science, biology, psychology, computer science, operations research and decision analytics. This article provides a brief summary of the main concepts of game theory within their historical context. Using this foundation, we then explore game theory’s most relevant applications and their implications within the fields of data science and decision analytics.