Transforming Static Capabilities in to Dynamic Assets

To provide integrated analytic decision support, UGG applies industry-leading operations research and data science modelling techniques, processes and technologies: 

• Our use of Best-of-Breed software tools support our clients’ long-range strategic frameworks by quantifying descriptions of both current and desired end-states
• Our process defines policies, processes and standards across communities-of-interest
• Our assessments demonstrate the value of potential scenarios that optimise cost and content effectiveness

By providing strategic contexts of the impacts and effects of various prioritisation, trade-off and strategic budgeting scenarios at differing scopes, UGG’s analytic capacity extracts value from data, transforming stagnant collections into information assets.

Tailored and scaled specifically for each client, our analytic capacity provides powerful objective reinforcement to stakeholder efforts integrating, coordinating, collaborating and aligning programs, initiatives and resources within the enterprise.

Ops Research Analysis

Business Process Re-engineering

Business Capability LCM

Decision-support Analytics

Our mission is to deliver PRINCIPLED     value to our clients and strategic partners, worldwide.

A Bayesian and a Frequentist Walk Into A Bar

On the philosophical basis of statistical misuse

Game Theory Applications in Data Science

Emerging over the past century, the theory of strategic games has found increasing relevance across the fields of economics, political science, biology, psychology, computer science, operations research and decision analytics. This article provides a brief summary of the main concepts of game theory within their historical context. Using this foundation, we then explore game theory’s most relevant applications and their implications within the fields of data science and decision analytics.

A Short Course in Statistical Terminology

Examining these terms and strengthening their distinctions helps to standardize a common lexicon across domains.  This lexicon is an essential enabler of the growing discourse, research, discovery and application of data analysis techniques for solving real-world problems.

A DoD Logistics-Chain Performance Model

This concept model recommends a systems-level, top-down approach to #defense #supplychain management, which supports a holistic view of the joint services as an integrated #logistics chain.

Business Intelligence in the Pre-Cognitive Age

Enabled by BI, data might now not only be called efficiently, but also combined effectively across systems to produce new innovative advantage. However, quality analytics depends upon quality data and a framework of data governance.

O365 User’s Guide: Information Security

For the global enterprise, #informationsecurity is not only a concern, it must also be a promise.


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