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United Global Group delivers specialised Data Management solutions to help our clients leverage the power quality information to support an adaptive enterprise.

Using industry-leading technologies, we formalise an organisation’s creation, storage, use and administration of data, ensuring consistency and control.

To implement an organisation’s programme of Enterprise Data Management, we use qualitative research methods to analyse, determine, and prioritise both stakeholder and end-user requirements.

By decreasing redundancy and error, our solutions work to improve the information quality within an organisation, leading to improved organisational efficiency and enhanced strategic planning and decision-making.

The strength of our approach is our ingenuity in achieving system integration despite budget constraints, at any maturity level.

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Our mission is to deliver PRINCIPLED     value to our clients and strategic partners, worldwide.

The IoT and National Policy

Within the discourse surrounding the #IoT, the problem of #policy emerges demanding consideration and revision.

Defining the IoT

How do you define the #IoT? We’ve compiled this list of #DoD affirmed definitions to approach a standard understanding most relevant to Defense in this fancy wordcloud generated using #R. Happy reading!

Programming for SDN Security

By assuring the thorough consideration of network #security throughout the design, development, deployment, and sustainment phases of a network’s lifecycle, #SDN emerges as a powerful resource enabling the future #IoE.

SDN: The Programmable Network

The emergence of #wireless device networks and the #IoT places a new burden on networks to not only perform reliably, with guaranteed quality, in real-time, but also to do so dynamically. #SDN

Data Science for Context-based User Privacy

In a world of rapid technological change, both the miniaturization and the growing distribution of inexpensive sensing/computing technologies presents a worrisome condition whereby technologies disseminate user information with greater stealth, in greater volume, often without the permission or the awareness of the user.  Now, machine learning partners with the user to advance intuitive mobile permission-ing based on expected user preferences across a variety of contexts.

Software-defined Networks, A History

A comprehensive history of
the programmable network concept lends itself to a larger dialogue regarding the potential application of #SDN technologies to more-diverse range of problems and use-cases.

To SQL or to NoSQL? Weighing the Trade-offs

As database technologies continue to specialize, and as Web 3.0 offers paradigmatic disruptions to how we conceive and model data, the question evolves: where is the installation of each technology most appropriate?

Business Intelligence in the Pre-Cognitive Age

Enabled by BI, data might now not only be called efficiently, but also combined effectively across systems to produce new innovative advantage. However, quality analytics depends upon quality data and a framework of data governance.

Implementing Innovation

A #systemsengineering approach to #innovation #project management.

O365 User’s Guide: Information Security

For the global enterprise, #informationsecurity is not only a concern, it must also be a promise.


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