SBA Certified 8(a) Program

Sole-Source Contracting and Small Business Set-Asides

As a SBA-certified 8(a) firm, UGG qualifies for small business set-asides and provides government agencies and teaming partners with the acquisition alternative of sole source contracting available under the SBA Certified 8(a) program.

8(a) Sole Source Contracts

The SBA 8(a) business development program sole-source vehicle enables agencies to engage in direct-buy contracts with certified contractors. Participants can receive sole-source contracts up to a four-million dollar ceiling.

UGG’s SBA 8(a) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) certification is valid through April, 2024.

Small Business Set-Asides

As an SBA-certified 8(a) and Dis-advantaged Small Business, UGG qualifies for solicitations set aside for small businesses per FAR Subpart 19.5. This set-aside capacity allows government agencies and prime industry partners to meet their small-business contracting goals while benefiting from our light-weight agility to matrix resources and capabilities.