Navigating Contracting Challenges with StreetShares

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In a recent interview with StreetShares partners, Steve Fink, Chief Operating Officer at United Global Group, Inc., lends his insights to navigating end-of-Fiscal-Year challenges as a Small Business entity. According to Mr Fink, partnering with StreetShares “ultimately provided United Global Group the opportunity to provide our clients with the best and most efficient experience possible.”

UGG: Leading in Style (Part 2/2)

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In Part 1 of this series, we explored the first seven of fourteen Leadership Traits cultivated within the US Marine Corps.  Together, these 14 Leadership Traits fortify the autonomy of each Marine to alternately lead and follow as each situation demands.  By supporting this autonomy in each Marine, the organisation supports the autonomy of the entire enterprise to operate effectively and efficiently within rapidly shifting and potentially hostile environments. Comparably, UGG instils within its culture a framework of shared values that supports a strong, autonomous character ethic and adaptive enterprise capability. Presented below are the second seven Leadership Traits of the USMC, presented in context with UGG’s Core Mission and Shared Values.  Cultivated from within the culture of our organisation, these 14 Leadership Traits not only establish a core standard for our interpersonal team community, they also shape our engagement […]

UGG: Leading in Style (Part 1/2)

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How are leaders made? United Global Group embraces the approach that leadership must be cultivated from the inside out. This is, after all, the essential Marine way… United Global Group embraces a strong character ethic in order to better serve our client’s and community’s needs—just as these traits apply in warfare, so too do they apply in business.