UGG: Leading in Style (Part 1/2)

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How are leaders made? United Global Group embraces the approach that leadership must be cultivated from the inside out. This is, after all, the essential Marine way. The US Marine Corps identifies fourteen traits that define leadership: Justice, Judgment, Dependability, Integrity, Decisiveness, Tact, Initiative, Endurance, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty and Enthusiasm (JJ DID TIE BUCKLE). In the Corps, the concept of leadership begins in the heart and mind of each Marine. As stated on the USMC website:

The Marine Corps could not be our nation’s expeditionary force in readiness without Marines who are trained to respond faithfully, courageously and decisively. These are the leadership traits that enable Marines to lead with honour, on the battlefield and in the community.

Similarly, United Global Group internalises a strong character ethic in order to better serve our client’s and community’s needs—just as these traits apply in warfare, so too do they apply in business. Presented below are the first seven USMC leadership traits presented in context with UGG’s Core Mission and Shared Values. Cultivated from within our organisation, these 14 Leadership Traits not only establish a core standard for our interpersonal team community, they also shape our engagement with the community at large.

  • Justice – more than equality, the word, justice, speaks to the mentality of “even balance”. In our actions, in our perspectives, justice sometimes means searching for compromise in order to create win-win’s. By holding justice as a virtue, UGG’s leaders facilitate cohesion with colleagues and clients alike by responding to imbalances that would otherwise compromise respect and trust. We properly acknowledge and protect the efforts, contributions and ideas of others, and we ensure that our clients and partners receive appropriate recognition associated with our joint efforts.
  • Judgment – here, the word judgement again speaks of having the “right mind”. Leaders’ decisions rely on clarity of intent and clarity of values. United Global Group fosters leaders who align to a shared mission and intention – to deliver value. Our judgments must align to ethical criteria of non-malfeasance, beneficence, autonomy and justice. Thus, we keep our intentions on doing the most good, for the most people, causing the least amount of harm and injustice.
  • Dependability – as trusted agents representing the best interest of our clients, all of our leaders protect the commitments made to ourselves, one another, and to our clients. At UGG, we demonstrate alignment between our beliefs and our shared values through consistency in our language and our actions.
  • Integrity – each of our staff are chosen precisely because they possess a strong moral foundation. Building on this innate moral character, UGG establishes a culture that cultivates each leaders’ moral authority. As stewards of trust, our leaders conduct themselves along transparent intentions. When necessary, we respectfully question how decisions align to our core ethos.
  • Decisiveness – UGG makes real-time decisions, supporting a “read and run” approach to action. Just as a kayaker must read the river and redirect her actions accordingly, UGG’s leaders act with decisive agility to satisfy project requirements and deliver client needs.
  • Tact – UGG supports open communication of “crucial conversations” to ensure honesty and respect among all team members. We train even the smallest among us to use their voice to initiate positive change. Our leaders engage both colleagues and clients with honesty and respect.
  • Initiative – just as in the service, it is essential to address problems before they arise as problems, UGG’s leaders take initiative in shaping proactive solutions that further our mission and bring value to our clients.

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